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Tim Buckingham

Founding Date

September 8, 1999

Years Active

1st incarnation: 1999 to 2003
2nd: 2004 to 2007




Yeah We Got That

A bag of chips, without the all that



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As its name implies, TI-News (TI-Net) was a site dedicated to reporting the latest news from around the TI community at one central location. Although there had been previous attempts at a TI news site, TI-News was the first well maintained site with constant updates, and allowed people to submit news and post comments.

There were two incarnations of TI-News in the past, both ran by different people. When the original TI-News shut down in December 2003, another community member took the initiative to start a new site from scratch, this time using the ti-news.net domain name. That revived TI-News website lasted until August 2007.

Another revival of TI-News was attempted in 2016, this time solely as RSS and Atom feed aggregate and under the name Calc.news.

Site Content

The site content primarily consisted of short news story blurbs about the different happenings from around the TI community, while also allowing people to post comments about each news story; the comments were displayed below each respective story ala Slashdot-style.

Site Staff

Some of the members were involved with other TI sites and programming groups including Tim Buckingham (Z80AC), Jake Poznanski and Eric Marion (GameDwellerz), Morgan Davies (Ticalc.org, CalcGames), Nathan Buda (Dimension-TI, Cahal Technologies), Erik Davidson (TCPA), and George Limpert (TI-Files, Dimension-TI).

  • Tim Buckingham (}InFuZeD{) — founder
  • Jake Poznanski (Jake) — admin
  • Eric Marion (ericm) — admin
  • Eric Harmon (Shard»>)
  • Morgan Davies
  • Patrick Davidson(?)
  • Nathan Buda(?)
  • Erik Davidson (YodaToad)
  • Juan Corral
  • George Limpert (redux)
  • Jason Gauer (Rider90)
  • David Ricciardi
  • Kyle "Weasel"
  • Mike Marantis
  • Prabal Singh
  • Ryan Aycock
  • Ryan Castellucci (Yottabyte)
  • Mike Marantis (trashed20)
  • SMaRt (smr2x)
  • Aaron (mr_beans_cool)
  • Jonathan Mendelson (MathJMendl)
  • Karl Hedelin (Karl)
  • Andrew (Izz)
  • Joe Smith (Icy)
  • Robert Soren (IceMaster)
  • Ryan Cullan (Cullan)
  • Jonathan (AKA da JET)
  • Chris Flanigan (cflan)
  • Jimmy Conner (Cigamit)
  • Ryan P. (CompMan32386)

Site Significance

Although there had been other previous sites that had attempted to be a news site for the TI community, TI-News was the first one that was well-made and well-maintained with constant updates.

Site Milestones

Site URLs

TI-News used several different URLs while it was active. The first site URL was http://www.fzs.cx/tinews/, which then changed to http://tinews.dhs.org. TI-News also used three different domain names: http://www.tinews.net was the first URL, the second version of the site used http://www.ti-news.net, and then they moved to http://www.ti-news.com.

  • http://www.tinews.net
  • http://www.ti-news.net (second incarnation of TI-News)
  • http://www.ti-news.com
  • http://tinews.dhs.org
  • http://www.ti-net.com
  • http://kc8apf.net/~ti-net/
  • http://www.fzs.cx/tinews/
  • http://ti-net.iwarp.com
  • http://gdcalc.org

Site History

(This was posted on gdcalc.org in May 2004.)

Gdcalc.org is being shutdown. We will no longer be providing support for our FlashApps, or any other content. If you are hosted on gdcalc.org, your account wil remain active until July 1st, 2004. Please be sure to save any important information before that date, all email, MYSQL Databases, as well as anything else that remains on the server will be removed. The gdcalc.org domain name expires on November 18th, 2004, we will not be renewing it.

Gdcalc.org was suffering from no visitors, and zero productive content. The admins of gdcalc.org now manage ti-news.net, there you will find plenty of interesting and fresh content about TI Calculators.


TI-News Closes, Posted by Michael Vincent, 16 February 2004

It is a sad day in the TI community as we have learned that TI-News (link points to the web archive) has permanently shut down. A combination of technical issues and a lack of interest prompted this closure. We wish to thank Tim Buckingham and all of the former TI-News staff for their contributions to the community.

Calc.org news June 2004

TI-news.com Gone?

TI-news.com gone for good?

According to Eric Harmon, TI-news.com, the domain name has been stolen again from the same people who stole their previous domain TI-news.net. Eric claims that TI-news will not be reopening due to the lack of inactivity and interest in calculators. Corey Taylor, a head staff member of calc.org, claims that the people who stole this will most likely claim ransom of upwards of $500, and if it is not purchased, they will keep it for about 10 years with the infamous Search page.

Wasn't there some trouble with TI because ti considered tinews.net to be too close to their tinews.com. And this new domain is even closer to the one owned by Texas Instruments.

calc.org Staff
Rating: 7
Reply if i thought it infringed upon their company name, I might agree with you, but it doesn't.

they have their company name website.

Rating: 8
Reply We at TI-News (my dad and I) have a trademark license with Texas Instruments that permits us to use similar domains.

I'd like to thank corey for hooking us up with ti-news.com . Hopefully we'll eventually get things sorted out with Namewhatever without paying that $175 or whatever…

Rating: 5.5
Reply If you have a trademark license with TI, then the company cannot sell to anyone but you, so they will have to acept your offer, or not make any money at all since TI could sue any potential owner of the domain.

Maybe you can bargain a deal.

Posted on Calc.org September 02, 2000

TI-News (Temporarily?) Shut Down - TI-News, a resource for news related to Texas Instruments' calculators, has been shut down today by none other than Texas Instruments.

Texas Instruments has threatened legal action against the owner of the website, Tim Buckingham, due to copyright and trademark infringement. Particular complaints against TI-News include the distribution of calculator ROMs and the distribution of copyrighted digital images and trademarks.

At this time, the website is shut down, and an expected duration has not been announced. To voice your opinion, write your comment below or on a TI-News Petition.

TI-News was temporarily closed in March 2000 because somebody deleted the site directory. Apparently, the site security was pretty minimal, and somebody figured out the site password. It was shut down later that year in September by Texas Instruments, threatening legal action against Tim Buckingham due to copyright and trademark infringement alleging distribution of TI graphing calculator ROMs.

The site was reopened in 2003 by Jake Poznanski and Eric Marion using the http://www.ti-news.net domain name. The site owners eventually grew tired of running the site, however, and decided to close it permanently in 2005(?) after the site activity dramatically declined and they were not being able to find anyone that could maintain it at a satisfactory level.

(Taken from TiGalaxy.com news)

TI-News Closes and becomes TI-Net
Just today, TI-News has "closed" and decided to change to TI-Net.

Why you ask?
Idunno. They just did. :)

If you look on the main page right now, they have a link to a "super
early (insecure)" version on TI-Net. Also, I should point out they
invite all hackers to have a good time. Umm… Im pretty sure that that can be categorized as "sarcasm" and should not be taken seriously. :)

We here at TIGalaxy all hope that TI-Net will be as good and useful to
the TI User Community as TI-News was. Good luck to TI-Net! :) �
AKA da JET 3/5/2000

Jake Poznanski and Eric Marion decided to stop updating their GameDwellerz site due to minimal community involvement, and instead reopened TI-News and worked on that.


TI-News Opens
Posted by Nick on 8 September 1999, 23:47 GMT

Tim Buckingham has created an interesting site solely devoted to reporting news for TI's, appropriately named TI-News. The page looks somewhat plain but contains some great material; it is definitely worth a frequent reading, as its information is incredibly up-to-date. Tim is currently looking for new staff members. E-Mail him if you're interested.