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Xavier Andréani (Critor)
Jérémy Anselme (Levak)
Adrien Bertrand (Adriweb)
Lionel Debroux

Founding Date

August 19, 2011

Years Active

2011 to Present




Programmes, Tutoriaux, Forum sur les calculatrices TI


- In the community: Several other forums/websites, mainly French ones;
- With companies: Texas Instruments France and Jarrety, both for contests sponsoring

Site Genre


TI-Planet is a popular French TI community website, featuring one of the most active forums and chat in the calculator community (with Omnimaga coming close), and a large TI-related file archive.

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  • Archives
  • Forum
  • Reviews
  • News
  • Links
  • Sourcecode
  • Challenges
  • Programming

Site Significance

TI-Planet is the most active site in the French TI community and very well-known internationally. Much of the TI-Nspire (Basic/Lua/Native) development happens here. The site was also affiliated with Omnimaga from 2011 to 2013, so, much work and lots of news are shared between both sites. The site staff (particularly Adriweb, Levak and Critor) is known to have good and close contacts directly with TI developers and executives, which has facilitated for the community transmission of bug reports, feedback etc. Since April 2012, it is partnered with Texas Instruments France for events, contests etc., as they provide some of the prizes (calculators). The website also has a large program archives.

Site Staff

Xavier Andréani (Critor)
Jérémy Anselme (Levak)
Adrien Bertrand (Adriweb)
Lionel Debroux

The founders

"Important people" (Newsers, Moderators…)
Jim Bauwens

Site Milestones

Mid-End of August 2011, Founding
Xavier Andréani (Critor), Jérémy Anselme (Levak), Adrien Bertrand (Adriweb) and Lionel Debroux left TI-Bank to found TI-Planet after a long dispute with the TI-Bank founder. Since TI-Bank was mainly administrated by them, TI-Planet legitimately got seen as the successor of TI-Bank. Moreover, TI-Bank's free host ('free.fr') shut the server down for some "high-traffic" issue by coincidence few days before. The four people took this opportunity to re-create the website. (See history) TI-BANK since got restored and continues without any of the news, tutorials, archives, site updates and other contributions from the previous team, those having moved with them to TI-Planet, while Mic's contributions got removed from TI-Planet itself.

January 19th, 2012, Ndless 3.1 release
Ndless 3.1 beta released. TI-Planet has worked closely with Ndless author Olivier Armand to create a spectacular release (countdown, media announce…).
Since this day, the daily traffic got boosted by about +50%.

Notable projects (in alphabetical order)

AutoCalc, DiagrammeNZ, DynaTrig, FormulaPro, Make3D, Nover, nRemote, PCspire, RadioNZ, TI8XEmu, mCAS, mViewer, mViewer GX Creator, nCreator, nDoom, zCreator

Site Names

TIPlanet, TI-Planet, tiplanet, ti-planet, TI-Planet.org, tiplanet.org

Site URLs

All these with or without "www." but without is preferred.

Site History

(Taken from ticalc.org August 2011 news article)

Time to update your bookmarks! TI-Bank is now known as TI-Planet, which is sporting a snazzy new layout and features improvements throughout the site for your browsing pleasure.
The popular French TI community site, TI-Bank, was suddenly pulled offline by their web host due to excessive resource consumption. Taking this as an opportunity, the administrators of TI-Bank subsequently upgraded their application software, restored their files, increased integration between different modules of the site, and redesigned the main layout.
TI-Planet, which will be classified as a "dwarf planet" according to the IAU, is now ready for public consumption.