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Sometime 2000

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2000 to 2001



Cheapest Calculator Prices on the Internet!



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TI-Store.com offers a great resource for students, teachers, and TI calculator enthusiast alike. We only sell the highest of quality TI Graphing Calculators that are not only required by most advanced math classes, but also can be used in the work place. The calculators are also highly programmable and with games, programs, support, and resources online at sites such as ticalc.org and The TI-Files. These calculators are second to none. In addition to these TI Graphing Calculators, we carry a number of accessories and resources that will make your calculator customizable and more enjoyable to use.

We do offer some of the lowest TI Calculator Prices on the Internet, so feel free to look in our Products Section and purchase from us using a credit card, or send us your check or money order. Please look around and see what we offer. Thank you for visiting TI-Store.com!

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  • http://www.ti-store.com

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TI-STORE.COM is a supplier of Texas Instrument Calculators and of other accessories for Calculators. We pride ourselves in getting you the products that you order from us to you as quickly as possible. We also pride ourselves in knowing that we have some of the cheapest calculator prices on the internet. We could not find any web-site that could beat our prices!! We want to bring you high quality products, at low wholesale prices.

We want to express our sincere appreciation to the many hundreds of teachers, schools, and individuals who have become our customers and friends. We always try to care about the customer before ourselves when bringing you your order. We want you to be happy with us and your purchase.

We also believe that a student's education is very important and so when teachers order their classroom calculators we will give them up to a 10% discount and also give them FREE SHIPPING so that the shipping costs will not cut into their budget. Teachers if you would like some information on Bulk Ordering for your classroom calculators, please e-mail moc.erots-it|srehcaet#moc.erots-it|srehcaet

We also are proud to say that we are always trying to add new products as soon as we find out about them and remove discontinued items that are no longer the best out there for you. How many times have you visited an online store only to find the same old products and nothing new? We will try to keep updating with new products and taking the old ones out.

We want to wish you the best visit here at ti-store.com