TI World

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TI World

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Jason Gauer

Founding Date

December 5th, 1999

Years Active

1999 to 2000






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TI World was a short-lived TI community site.

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  • Jason Gauer

Site Milestones

  • List of their important milestones (founding, important programs, etc.)

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  • http://www.tiworld.cjb.net

Site Screenshot

(Screenshot of TI World homepage circa 2000)

Site History

TI World was one of Jason Gauer's projects in his Twilight-TI network of sites. He tried to resurrect old TI community sites that had been abandoned or ceased to exist.

(Taken from Twilight-TI Network page)

Jason Gauer of Twilight-TI has brought TI World back to life in December 1999. TI World continues to supply games and information to it's visitors. TI World started out September 14th, 1998 by webmaster Nicholas Young-Soares. On October 20th, 1998 Nick moved TI World to his school's server because he did not like the homepage service AOL was providing. On January 25th, 1998 Nicholas Young-Soares joined forces with another site also called TI World which had a domain name. Around January 31st, 1998 Nicholas Young-Soares has unpacked and settled with http://www.tiworld.com. Time past and both webmasters of TI World lost interest in the T.I. Calculators.

As some of you may know, they were not updating much. http://www.tiworld.com closed around December 1999 by the original webmaster of http://www.tiworld.com (not Nicholas Young-Soares) Around November of 1999 I set out to fix what was once a great site. Since I have been friends with Nicholas Young-Soares for awhile he helped out on digging up the necessary files that I needed to launch TI World. He made the graphics and I added games, updated all the information on the pages, then uploaded it to http://www.twilight-ti.org/tiworld. The site was re-released December 5th, 1999 by Jason Gauer with the help from Nicholas Young-Soares.