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Andres Sevilla

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January 2017

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2017 to Present



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TI84CalcWiz is a calculator website largely focused on TI-84 Plus graphing calculators. Its contents consist of various program archives, articles, and a subreddit forum. It has gained a reputation as being a website for calculator novices and the general public to learn more about calculator programming and hacking.

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The TI84CalcWiz.com site contains a curated selection of calculator games and programs. Rather than accept the vast majority of submitted programs, as sites such as ticalc.org and cemetech.net, TI84CalcWiz only includes files that meet its standard for quality. All games and other programs are packaged in zip files containing any libraries or other programs needed to run the software, allowing calculator novices to easily get started.

In addition to calculator software, the website also has a "More Cool Stuff" section containing news, tutorials, reviews, and other such articles. The TI84CalcWiz official subreddit (r/ti84hacks) also serves as the site's forum for users to post their own calculator programs or to ask questions.

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Despite entering the calculator community much later than its competitors, TI84CalcWiz has become popular among calculator novices and non-programmers due to its ease of use and packaging of files for quick installations. This is especially true for TI-84 Plus CE games, for which the site has become the most popular among "how-to" videos and articles.

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  • Andres Sevilla

Site Milestones

  • October 28 2016 — The TI84CalcWiz YouTube channel is created by Andres Sevilla, but no activity is recorded until January, 2017
  • January 28 2017 — The TI84CalcWiz website and YouTube channel are launched. The first video is a tutorial on "How to Put Notes on the TI-84 Plus CE", and the website is launched under the domain http://andresesevilla.wixsite.com/ti84calcwiz
  • August 8 2018 — The TI84CalcWiz.com domain is registered and the old domain is forwarded to it
  • September 15 2018 — TI84CalcWiz acquires the r/TI84Hacks subreddit, which becomes the official site forum
  • July 3 2019 — TI84CalcWiz undergoes a major site renovation, converting the site from the Wix platform to Wordpress hosted on a new US-based server

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(Taken from the TI84CalcWiz.com about page)

TI84CalcWiz is your source for all of the latest calculator news, information, references, programs, games, and more. We aim to help you in all of your calculator related missions, whether it be learning to program, or playing Pacman on your calculator.

Founded in January 2017 by Andres Sevilla as a freshman in High School, TI84CalcWiz has grown to become one of the most popular calculator resources in the world. Currently serving over 50,000 users every month, our team hopes to expand the currently available resources to be more in depth and to serve users of more calculators.