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You won't find the game on any of the major TI sites, however. Drug Wars was removed from ticalc.org in 2001 after the CD disaster. Ticalc.org and TI had reached an agreement to include a copy of the ticalc.org archives on a CD, which was then bundled with each TI graphing calculator. There were no real restrictions on program content at that time, and a parent discovered that some questionable content was included on the ticalc.org CD (in particular, pornographic images and all of the drug wars variants). Subsequently, ticalc.org removed much of the inappropriate content from the site, and TI and ticalc.org ceased working together (TI no longer has a link to ticalc.org on their site).



In March 2001, ticalc.org and Texas Instruments entered a cooperation project aimed to produce a CD with material from ticalc.org. The idea with this CD is to promote the resources available online at sites such as ticalc.org to new users of TI calculators.

The CD will be produced by ticalc.org and consist mainly of user contributed material, representing a subset of the contents on the ticalc.org website. Texas Instruments will handle manufacturing and distribution of the finished product, which will be included in some of TI's products such as the TI-Graph Link™.

The current timeframe for the project is to have the first version of the CD shipping in time to make it for "back to school" season in Autumn 2001.


Will all ticalc.org programs be on the CD?
No. Due to the legal issues involved, all programs will not be included. Each author has to separately approve the distribution of his/her programs on the CD before they can be considered for inclusion. The programs also have to be verified against copyright or trademark infringements.

So how do I approve my programs?
An email will be sent out to each and every author of programs in our archives, asking them to approve the distribution of their programs on the CD. This email will be sent to the address that is registered for the author. If your author address is incorrect in our system, please notify gro.clacit|evihcraelif#gro.clacit|evihcraelif to have it corrected.

What if I don't want it distributed?
Using the code that is sent out in the email, you will have the ability to explicitly deny distribution of your program on the ticalc.org CD.

What if I don't fill out that form at all?
Your program will not be included on the CD unless you explicitly state that it is allowed. If you do not answer at all, we reserve the right to contact you again on the same issue at a later time. Therefore, if you do not want it distributed, please state so explicitly.

Does this mean that TI and/or ticalc.org will make profit off my work?
Texas Instruments will pick up all the costs for distribution of the CD, which will be included in regular TI products (such as the TI-Graph Link™) at no additional cost. Naturally, TI wants this to spur interest resulting in the sales of more calculators and accessories and make profit that way, but no profit will be made off the CD itself.
ticalc.org will produce the CD using its volunteer staff. Any possible profits would go straight into the site and provide such things as bandwidth and storage required to maintain the site free.
The bottom line: No, nobody will make profit off your work.

Then why do you do this, if not to make profit?
We do this in order to provide a service, and in order to increase the interest in our site.

What about other sites, such as calc.org?
While the CD is not finished yet, we are considering a section on it with links to several different sites on the internet. This will include several sites other than ticalc.org, the exact contents to be determined at a later date.

What about games? Aren't TI against games on the calculators?
Not really. Games will be included on the CD - both BASIC games and assembly language games. There are currently no restrictions as to any game technology that cannot be distributed - as long as it does not violate any copyrights or trademarks.

Where can I buy this CD?
The CD will not be sold (see above), only included with TI products. Therefore, you cannot buy it. We do not have specifics of which stores will carry the TI products it will be included with right now. More information will follow when that is decided.

Can I get a free copy of the CD now that I contribute?
Updated: We have been in contact with TI, and have come to the conclusion that this can be arranged. The specific details are not ready yet, but stay tuned to ticalc.org for this.
Note: This only affects the release version of the CD, which is due to be finished in the beginning of June. There may be an additional short delay as the regular shipments have to finish first.
Updated: It is now possible to order your copy of the CD. (Only available to authors of programs that were included on the CD)

I want to update my program before it goes on the CD. How can I do that?
If you follow the normal file upload procedures for the new version, and make sure to use the same filename and directory, the approval will autoamtically be transferred to the new file, and the new file will be distributed instead of the old one.

Help! I picked the wrong option! Now it says I have already filled out the form!
Mail gro.clacit|dc#gro.clacit|dc with the full URL of the form you used (as linked from the mail), and we'll reset the file so you can fill out the form again.


The ordering of the CD has been closed. The last date to order the CD was Aug 10th, 2001. We do not yet know if it will be possible to make any further offers of free CDs.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at gro.clacit|dc#gro.clacit|dc.


Follow these links to list what files were included on the releases of the CD. Note that the linked pages are very large, so they may take a while to download.
» Release 1
Warning, this page is really large.
» Release 2
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This message was posted on the homepage when the ticalc.org archives were down:

We at ticalc.org have just been made aware of some inappropriate materials in our archives. In order for us to keep serving the TI community in the future, we have decided to take our archives offline until we can review the files in our archives to ensure that we are not serving inappropriate content. We will be working hard to complete this review quickly, but we do not know right now how long this will take. This closure currently affects all of our archive sections; sites hosted at ticalc.org that link into our archives may be affected by this - we will try and work with other groups currently hosted on our site to minimize the impact of this archive closure. We will do our best to keep you informed about the progress of this review, so please check back regularly for more information as it becomes available.

Thank you, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

well considering he has a high member ID maybe he missed it but yeah it's all about the ticalc CD fiasco. TI used to distribute a CD with ticalc.org archives on it back in 2001 but then a mother found ASCII porn on it and complained at TI, and since then TI stopped anything involved with ticalc.org and even removed their links from their page.

There was even a period where all ticalc archives were down after this, as they had to check through all programs and this is not long after that ticalc.org added the "report inappropriate file" feature.

Inappropriate Material Removed

November 19, 2001
Twelve inappropriate programs have been removed from our archives. Programs will no longer be accepted in our archives if they include any gang-related, narcotic, mature, and/or violent content within. If you have any questions, please E-mail me at gro.it-thgiliwt|retsambeW#gro.it-thgiliwt|retsambeW. Thank you

(Taken from ticalc.org news article comment)

I received this information from the people who respond to e-mail sent to TI:

We are recalling the ticalc.org CD, because it contains descriptions of violence, strong language, use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, mature sexual themes and some cartoon-like graphics. This content
was not created by TI,and is inconsistent with our moral and ethical standards, which is why we are collecting the CD for documentation and disposal.

This is still rather vague but it does give a better idea of exactly what TI was offended by.

April 2001 ticalc.org Newsletter

We're pleased to announce the new ticalc.org CD Project, in which CD images of our archives will be given away for free with TI-Graph Links. We're still working on it, so stay tuned.

ticalc.org News article

ticalc.org Downtime
Posted by ticalc.org on 26 October 2001, 17:21 GMT

To our users,

We apologize for the downtime in the past week and the resulting inconvenience. We are now pleased to reopen all areas of the site apart from the file archives, which we expect to bring back as well as soon as we have completed a review to remove potentially inappropriate material. Unfortunately, we haven't set a date for bringing the archives back up, but we will post more details once we have a better estimate. Please bear with us — our archives are extensive and the review will take time. If there is any area where our visitors can be of help, we will post more information.

Despite rumors to the contrary, we have received no threats or demands requesting we close our file archives. This is a decision made by our staff in the best interest of the site's future. This is also a move we take seriously, as we are aware that our users have come to rely on the availability of our archives.

Until our archives return, we invite you to try those of other sites linked from our front page and Community section. Authors of our hosted sites whose links are affected by the closure of our archives can email us at gro.clacit|gnitsoh#gro.clacit|gnitsoh for assistance. Thanks for your continuing patience,

the ticalc.org staff

Ticalc.org News article

Texas Instruments Recalls ticalc.org CD
Posted by ticalc.org on 26 October 2001, 17:19 GMT

We regret to announce that Texas Instruments has issued a recall of software CDs recently packaged with the TI-Fun Kit and Connectivity Value Kit. These CDs contained files compiled from the ticalc.org archives and are being recalled because the CD contained inappropriate content.

For more information on the recall, please refer to Texas Instruments' web site at http://education.ti. com/parent/hilight/ticalccd.html.

We realize the recall reflects poorly on both Texas Instruments and ticalc.org and we want to reaffirm our commitment to our site policy of not distributing inappropriate material. We will post any other relevant information as appropriate.

Texas Instruments recalls Software CDs

We have recently recalled a software CD that was packaged with two of our calculator accessory kits, the TI-Fun Kit and Connectivity Value Kit, because the CD contained inappropriate content. This content is inconsistent with TI's moral and ethical standards. It was created and compiled by a calculator-user website not otherwise affiliated with TI, and it was not sufficiently screened by us prior to packaging it with these accessories.

We sincerely apologize for allowing this to happen and we have taken the following steps in response:

  • We immediately convened a team, including our top management, to institute a recall of copies of the CD, including those that were at retail outlets and those that had already been sold.
  • We immediately removed the link to the calculator-user website from our website.
  • We contacted all the retailers and distributors that carried the two accessories, and asked them to immediately pull the accessories from their shelves and return them to TI.
  • We initiated a public notice campaign, beginning with announcements in newspapers nationwide Sunday, October 21, to reach those customers who have received the CD through their purchase of the accessories, and to ask them to return the CD to us for documentation and proper disposal.

If you have purchased one of these accessories, we are asking for your help to return the CD to us for documentation and proper disposal. A photo of the CD, as well as the accessory packaging appears at the side. If you have this CD, please call toll-free 1-866-843-3822 for instructions and details on how to return the CD. If you like, you can also contact us and leave your name, telephone number, and full address. We will send you a mailing label and packaging to return the CD.

TI is committed to correcting this situation. As a business, we focus on providing high quality products that help teachers teach, and students learn, and we take that responsibility seriously. We certainly do not want inappropriate material to be packaged with our products, or linked to our website, and we apologize for allowing this to happen.

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