The TiEmu Team

Stable release

3.03 / May 30, 2009; 2 years ago

Operating system support
Linux/Unix, Mac OS, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows





TiEmu is an emulator that works on many different operating systems like Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and so on. It emulates the Motorola 68000 series Texas Instruments graphing calculators (TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92, TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200). TiEmu is licensed under the GPL.

Various Parts of TiEmu

TiEmu 3 has many features:

  • The emulator — this is the core of TiEmu 3.
  • GDB integration — this is the main new feature of TiEmu 3. It allows calculator software programmers to debug their software with ease.
  • tilibs framework — this is the framework that is used to link TiEmu 3 to either a calculator via Link Cable, TiLP, another TiEmu instance or VTI. This feature can be used for the use of programming/debugging software for the calculator that requires a link to another calculator unit.

Development of TiEmu

With the development of tilibs2 and improvements made to TiEmu code, TiEmu 3 is quite stable.

  • TiEmu 3 — While development of some new features is finished, improvements such as bug fixes still need to be made.
  • tilibs2 — The latest official snapshot version of TiEmu 3 implements tilibs versions:
    • libticables2 — 1.3.0
    • libticalcs2 — 1.1.3
    • libticonv — 1.1.0
    • libtifiles2 — 1.1.2

TiEmu Team

The TiEmu team currently consists of these team members:

List of related products

  • GCC4TI is a C compiler for the 68k graphing calculators of TI.
  • TiLP is an alternative linking program to TI-Connect that works on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and on Mac OS X.
  • Virtual TI was the first TI graphing calculator emulator supporting the TI-89 and the TI-92 Plus, at first in a separate version called VTI68k, which was later merged into Virtual TI itself. As it is really old and not maintained anymore, and also lacks a C debugger, the GCC4TI Team recommends using TiEmu instead.