Time To Team (T3)

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Patrick Pelissier

Founding Date

Sometime 2000

Years Active

2000 to 2011

Programmed For

TI-89, TI-92+, V200


Assembly, C





Time To Team (T3) was a programming group for the TI-89, TI-92+, and V200 graphing calculators.

Group Significance

(Screenshot of Kirby Ti Land)

They released several high-quality assembly games including Chrono Fantasy (an advanced greyscale RPG), Fernando 3C, Sonic MisAdventures, Solar Striker (a greyscale shoot-em-up with parallax scrolling), Pokemon Red, Kirby Ti Land, and Krypton. They also wrote their own assembly shell named PreOS, which was later turned into a full-fledged operating system named PedroM. The OS looks very similar to Unix, allowing you to enter commands via a line prompt, and receiving and sending files through the link port. Support for commands was also included, as well as shell scripts and folders.

Group Contributions

  • List of their programs and games
  • Include a screenshot for some of their best games/programs

Group Staff

Group Milestones

  • List of their important milestones (founding, important programs, etc.)

Site URLs

  • http://www.yaronet.com/t3/
  • http://www.ti-fr.org/t3
  • http://www.yntoo.com/t3/
  • http://www.timetoteam.info
  • http://www.timetoteam.fr.st
  • http://www.timetoteam.com
  • http://gbadev.free.fr/index_en.php3

Site Screenshot

(Screenshot of Time To Team homepage circa 2005)

Group History

Time To Team was started by Patrick Pelissier in early 2000. He had been writing programs and games by himself, and had his own website where he posted them. He then decided to start a programming group so he could better collaborate with other TI community programmers.