To-Do List

This site is in its infancy, so there are still lots of things that need to be done.
Please feel free to add stuff to this list, and remove it when it is completed.

  • History
    • Write the background story/overview/intro of the TI community
  • Timeline
    • Write the chronological view of the TI community (1990 to present)
    • Include major sites and notable accomplishments
    • Create different timelines based on specific sorting criteria (calculator, language, groups, etc.)
  • communication
    • Write the IRC section (list of IRC channels used by community, quotes, ops, etc.)
    • Write the Mailing Lists section (calc-ti and ticalc)
    • Write the Forums section (most popular forums by community)
  • People
    • Alphabetical list
    • Programmers
    • Create different lists based on specific sorting criteria (calculator, language, groups, etc.)
  • Products
    • Hardware — create several hardware stubs (a dozen)
    • Software — create several software stubs (a dozen)
    • Programs — create several program stubs (a dozen)
    • Games — create several game stubs (a dozen)
    • Documents — create several document stubs (a dozen)
  • Sites
    • Top 3 Sites
    • General TI sites
    • Programming Groups
  • Events
    • ROM hosting DMCA
    • CD
    • Site Wars (Big Three Sites)
    • Program Piracy (Hays Games)
    • Cracked OS Keys
    • Calc Assembly Hacks
    • Flash Memory Introduced
    • Selling Programs/Applications

Compile a list of notable people involved in the TI community

  • if you can't find their programs on, the person isn't notable
  • focus your efforts on assembly programmers
  • only the best, most innovative TI-Basic programmers should be included (top 50)

Compile a list of notable sites and programming groups (top 50)
Compile a list of notable software and hardware products released

  • focus your efforts on assembly programs and computer software
  • only the highest-quality TI-Basic programs should be included

Site Categories — archives/reviews/news/puds/help/personal/group
Each individual person, site, programmer, group, etc. has their own page with a sidebar

Include a summary at the top of each article

Summary: Blah Blah Blah

Create redirects for pages
ex. maxcoderz and maxcoderz software
ex. sicode and sicode software