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Jason Gauer

Founding Date

December 20, 1998

Years Active

1998 to 2002




The Next Generation TI Site

Establishing new grounds in the T.I. Community


TI Graphing Calculator Magazine
TI World

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Twilight-TI was a TI community site that tried to compete with the big three sites. It had regularly updated news and a 2300+ program archive, with many of the programs having a screenshot and review.

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Site Significance

While it existed, Twilight-TI was a fairly large TI community site. It featured program archives, TI community news, PUDs, links, and an active forum. It had what it called the Twilight-TI Network (Twilight-TI3). They tried to recreate some of the older but better TI sites, and bring them back to life with better graphics, page format, design, archives, updated information, etc. It consisted of a couple TI websites including the infamous TI Graphing Calculator Magazine (TI-GCM) and TI World by Nicholas Young-Soares.

Site Staff

Dave Cobb also had his own successful site called Elcobbola with a large program archive. The archive included games and programs for TI-86 and TI-89 in both TI-Basic and assembly that he individually reviewed and rated and created screenshots for.

  • Jason Gauer (Rider90) — founder
  • Jeff H. (Keltus)
  • Dave Cobb (Elcobbola)
  • Tyler Schaubschlager (Tas555)
  • Robert Mohr (rmohr02)
  • Henry Chang (Hc83000)

Site Milestones

  • Original site name and design (October 11, 1998 to December 30, 1998)
  • Site given a new name and design (December 30, 1998 to February 29, 1999)
  • Twilight-TI gets its own domain name on February 13, 1999
  • Site given a new design (February 29, 1999 to July 17, 1999)
  • Site given a new design (July 17 1999 to February 9, 2000)
  • TI World released on December 5, 1999 by Jason Gauer with help from Nicholas Young-Soares.
  • TI-GCM restarted on June 2000 by Jason Gauer

Site Names

  • Jason's Game Page for TI Calculators

Site URLs

  • — hosted site
  • — hosted site

Site Screenshot

(Screenshot of Twilight-TI homepage circa 2001)

Site History

(Taken from Twilight-TI about page)

Twilight-TI was founded December 20th, 1998 by Jason Gauer. Before Twilight-TI was Twilight-TI, it was "Jason's Game Page for TI Calculators" which was created October 11th, 1998 on a small 5 MB Angelfire account. Later in December, Jason's game page for TI Calculators changed to Twilight-TI. Twilight-TI got exceptional hits for quite awhile so it got its own domain name on February 13, 1999. From February 1999 - January 2000 Twilight-TI had already gone through 4 complete overhauls to make it better and more efficient for everyone. As you can see, we slowly eased into a more professional look. Twilight-TI will continue to grow more and more as time goes by.


In June 2000, Jason Gauer decided to try to resurrect the infamous TI Graphing Calculator Magazine (TI-GCM), releasing it under the banner of Twilight-TI (URL: It was a monthly newsletter with over 350 subscribers, and included various columns and editorials contributed by members of the TI community. Unfortunately, there was not much community support for the newsletter, and only three issues were released. He decided to call it quits in November 2000, and TI-GCM was then officially discontinued permanently.

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