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while i was out shoveling the snow from my my driveway (Finally, snow!)i thought about this a little more. Maybe instead of 150 suckey rpgs(im not saying this is one, but it could produce some),we need to have one good one. now look at mario for the 83+. it is one good game, with tens of thousands of user made levels. now what if for an rpg, we had one game with one outerworld, and then the users could make different quests for the game. Think of the origanal zelda for NES. It was basically 2 games in one. once you beat the first quest, the there was the brand new 2nd quest, with the dungeons in different locations. I think that the 89 could accomplish this.

So what you say? Now invision this. when a user made level (levelset, quest, set of dungeons, whatever) is created(probally in asm, or could be made with a pc program), it is sent to a central location where it could be compiled and rated, and put into the archives.
when someone plays and beats the level set their character gains strength based on the rating. this would be cool.

..but im not done also there could be multiplayer where
1) you can fight against another person via link where the characters could be re-rated in a system not unlike internet games

2)or you cold fight with someone against special multi-player levels playing coopertivly via link and be rated by how well you do (kind of like 2 player Contra on the NES or the original Mario Bros. on, once again, NES(not super mario bros.).

This is what we really need. not an ARPG for the 89.
(my fingertips hurt from typing so much)
29 December 2001, 00:56 GMT

Re: Re: Xeontech Beta 1 Released
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No, this is the problem with TI kids.

Everyone starts projects they'll never finish. Most don't even understand how to program. Go look at how many crappy Zelda clones exist for the 89.

I've created a complete professional-grade robust game engine. It is the most advanced TI engine ever created, and its scope extends further then any project you'll never make.

There's not 150 crappy RPGs. There's a handful of completed ones that suck and a million partial projects.

I'm sure many BASIC programmers out there have an idea for a good RPG but lack the skills to code an engine. Well I've given them an outlet for it because now you don't have to worry about an engine, just make your RPG for Xeontech.
29 December 2001, 02:00 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Xeontech Beta 1 Released
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There has been a common belief lately that the ti community is going down the crapper. 33.2% of people say games aren't as good as they were 2 years ago.(i don't know about the accuracy of that survey but it has to say something). I would have to say this is generally because all the ideas that dont take much programing knowledge have been taken. I like your engine, it will definately be cool. But im just presenting the next challange, the next step to the ti comunity and good programers (which i am not). This probilily wasn't the right time to say what i did(because the current step isn't finished,a good rpg), but i did because i thought of it then.