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TI calculator port of Marble Madness from the NES


Matthew Shepcar


Release Date

July 13, 1998


TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, TI-86



Vertigo is a TI calculator port of the NES game Marble Madness. The game was programmed in assembly by Matthew Shepcar, and released for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators. The game is quite challenging, although the goal is simple: to guide your ball to the gem stone on each of the fifty levels. The levels are split into five worlds, and to complete the game you must win a challenge mode game on each.

The levels are displayed from an isometric 3D view, and on the TI-85 and 86 they are shown in greyscale. Unfortunately, the screen on TI-82 and 83 calculators is quite small and is too slow for greyscale to be effective, so the game may be harder simply because the display isn't as clear.

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Development History

v0.8 - 13th July [86]

Initial release (TI-86 only)

v0.9 - 14th July [83/86]

Option to view scores from main menu added
TI-83 version also released

v0.91 - 15th July [83/86]

Customisable keys added
New title logo

v0.92 - 18th July [82/83/86]

Suicide button added (it is possible to get trapped on some levels)
You can now create new worlds if no worlds are installed :)
TI-82 version released!!

v0.93 - 20th July [82/83/85/86]

Fixed serious TI-82 bug which caused system vars to be corrupted
(window range etc.)
Acceleration constant increased - world 2 level 4 now possible :)
Contrast increased by 2 settings on loading on the 85/86
Down can now be used as a custom key and minus can't. *grin*
TI-85 version released (without editor)
Source code released: ENJOY!! :)

v0.94 - 3rd September [82/83/85/86]

Fixed high score table initialisation for new worlds (no more fuzzy
patterns :)
Wrote VertLCon 0.5
Increased bounciness constant - world 2 level 2 now easier again
Fixed bug which caused the ball to roll UP very steep slopes
Added link routines to allow world transfer from main menu
Got the TI-85 level editor working :)


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