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Jaroslaw Kuczynski

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December 22, 2000

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2000 to Present




French TI Community

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yAronet is a French TI forum hosting website. They originally started as a TI-89 forum with the usual off-topic sections, but in 2002 it evolved into a forum hosting provider that included the 68K forums. The 68K section was by far the most active calculator forum in its early days, often averaging between 40,000 and 80,000 posts a year, but it was notorious for its lax moderation towards trolling and many flame wars that often went on for several hundreds of posts. As a result of this, once alternatives that didn't have the same problem became available, yAronet 68K activity nosedived. They expanded to TI-Nspires later, but the activity boost from it was minimal. Nonetheless, the 68K section of yAronet reached over 320,000 posts over the years (only Omnimaga has more).

In 2004, the standalone Forum TI at forum89.vvlr.com merged with yAronet as well. There was also a failed attempt at starting a TI International forum on yN in 2005, which suffered from the same issues as the established French 68K yN forum, as well as the fact there were already several established English-speaking forums at the time. The first Omnimaga forum was also hosted on yAronet in 2004, but was closed after it only reached 50 posts in 6 months.

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  • Jaroslaw Kuczynski (yaro) — founder

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(Taken from Calc.org news February 2005)
Editorial: New International forum opens!

A great new forum for international cooperation in programming the TI calculators has been created!

The admins over at yAronet, the famously huge French TI (and many other things!) forum have opened a forum for discussion of programming and using the TI calculators in English! In the words of its creators:

"This forum is an attempt to create a new international TI-68k forum to speak both about TIs themselves and related stuff - like programming and projects -, while avoiding the problems of existing boards, by:

• being open to the whole international community
• providing a modern and popup-free interface
• having a "moderate moderation" (without falling into excessive moderation, which would inhibit even-handed discussions, or lack of moderation, which would result in the all-too-frequent flooding and smashing)"

We here at calc.org highly recommend that you join this board ASAP and participate in discussing the latest programs, betas and your own questions!