Z80 Assembly Coders (Z80AC)

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Will Dempster
Tim Buckingham

Founding Date

July 1998

Years Active

1998 to 2001

Programmed For

TI-82, TI-83/+, TI-86







Z80 Assembly Coders (Z80AC) was an active assembly programming group for the TI-8x graphing calculators.

Group Significance

Although they had several interesting projects under development, most of them were never released to the public. Some of their best releases include a TI-83 Disassembler, BugOS, The Genetic Code, and Stunt Copter. Doug Torrance also wrote a few assembly programming tutorials while a member of the group.

Group Staff

Some of the members were involved with other groups and sites in the TI community including Tim Buckingham (founded TI-News), Doug Torrance (TI-Files), and Cullen Logan (Radical Software).

  • Will Dempster — founder
  • Tim Buckingham — founder
  • Jimmy Conner — admin
  • Alex Liemen — admin
  • Jason Hayes
  • Steve Marchesani
  • Mike Higbee
  • Shaun Benzies
  • Francis Tan
  • Doug Torrance
  • Eric Greening
  • Ben Weber
  • Cullen Logan
  • Justin TerAvest
  • Ian Kaplan
  • Jesse Keane
  • Thomas Scherrer

Group Milestones

Site URLs

  • http://members.xoom.com/z80asm/
  • http://www.zed80asm.org
  • http://z80.us.fornax.com
  • http://z80ac.dyndns.org

Site Screenshots

(Screenshot of Z80 Assembly Coders homepage circa 2001)

Group History

(Taken from Z80 Assembly Coders about page)

The Z80 Assembly Coders were formed back in July of 1998 with 2 original members: Will Dempster and Tim Buckingham. Z80 AC was formed when their two coding groups: Omegasoft and Phrozen Fire, joined up in a merger to create better games and utilities for Z80 based calculators. The coding group went 'public' in a September news article on ticalc.org. On January First of 1999, the first overhaul of Z80 AC was completed, rooting out several old and inactive members, in hopes to save the organization. After a few weeks of work, the group slowly began to vegetate once again. In April of 1999, Alex Liemen and Jimmy Conner were added to the staff in an attempt to revive us once again.

This time, our site became more active with another site overhaul and several new programs. In July of 1999, Will and Alex, now the President and Executive Vice President, decided that Z80 AC should go into 'hibernation' until y2k, when a barrage of new programs and a php3 enabled website could be created. In that period of time, Tim Buckingham, a Co-President and Co-Founder, resigned for personal reasons. On January 1st, 2000, Z80 AC ushered in a new era of programming for TI-Calculators by releasing a variety of new software and games for TI-Calculators and other computer platforms. This should begin a long an prosperous future for Z80 AC.

Z80 AC has an IRC channel on EfNET. Our channel name is #z80asm or #zed80asm in the case of a takeover. There you can find many of our members to talk to. Some of us that commonly go online are: Will (RavenMoss), Alex (Milagro) or Jimmy (Cigamit). You can talk to us about anything you want regarding programming or otherwise. Just don't bug us or you will be ignored :P. No really, we want a high level of discussion in our channel so if you want to be degrading about things that we have done that are stupid (um… no comment :P) then take it elsewhere like #ti-files.


The group was featured on ticalc.org in a few news articles and newsletters over the years, including their formation, comeback, and notable program releases.