Z80 Assembly Programmers Organization (ZAPO)

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Chris Phelps
Tim Adkinson

Founding Date

December 1998

Years Active

1998 to 2001

Programmed For

TI-85, TI-86







Z80 Assembly Programmers Organization (ZAPO) was a programming group that specialized in creating assembly programs and games for the TI-85 and TI-86 graphing calculators.

Group Significance

Some of their most notable programs include Mini-Shell Enhanced (MSE) and Zap-2000, two assembly shells released by Chris Phelps for the TI-86.

Group Staff

Some of the ZAPO members had success as individual programmers and were involved with other TI sites and groups including Clement Vasseur (Assembly Coders Zenith, Icarus Productions), Cullen Sauls (Macross Software), Danny Rogers (Dimension-TI), Jared Christopherson and Glen Solsberry (TI Vault), Aaron Curtis (wrote his own shell and RPG), and Mischa Poslawsky (wrote advanced shoot-em-up and nibbles clones).

Group Milestones

Site URLs

The site was hosted by Dimension-TI and the main URL was http://zapo.calc.org.

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Group History

(Taken from Dimension-TI August 1999 newsletter)

The z80 Assembly Programers Organization is a talented programming group started around early December of 1998. Our founders were Chris Phelps, also known as Chicane, and Tim Adkinson, also known as Code7. When they started ZAPO, they had one intention: making ZAPO one of the best programming groups on the TI scene. In my opinion, we have achieved that. We have faced every challenge that we could possibly face, and no, I don't mean just debugging problems. Among the numerous #zapo IRC takeovers, member defections, and even coming within seconds of a core meltdown (by core meltdown I mean we were close to death as a group), we regrouped and made a new start.

We have some of the best known programmers among the TI-Community. Aaron Curtis, maker of YAS and Falldown Forever, just to name a few titles, has completed the best 85 emulation ever achieved. Chicane, maker of the MSE series and ZAP-OS, has to be ranked high among programmers, in the top ten at least. Our co-founder, Code7, is probably best known for his HexEdit86. Now I must say that HexEdit is an awesome program. Jeffery Malone is working on many projects, one of which is BlackJack86, and the other will remain a secret. JaredC is working on his ASM Workshop83, though it has been postponed due to some chances to make money with a company. Diego, our newest member, is programming a very cool shell that I cannot yet give details about. I (Danny) am our web page designer, and I'd like to think I do a pretty good job.

Our site is hosted by the wonderful Dimension-TI, and the address is http://zapo.calc.org. You can stop by, drop us a mail, give us suggestions, or even give us ideas for programs you would like to see. New members are always welcome, you should contact gro.clac|enacihc#gro.clac|enacihc or gro.clac|ynnad#gro.clac|ynnad to apply. Until next time, this is your ZAPO update.