Z80 Revelation

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John Lloyd-Kirk

Founding Date

March 2005

Years Active


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TI-Basic, Assembly




Epic Programming Studios
Revolution Software

Z80 Revelation was a short-lived programming group for the TI-83+.

Group Significance

The group was primarily just a forum. They did not really release anything notable except for Kevin Ouellet's Diortem (metroid spelled backwards), a clone of Metroid programmed in TI-Basic with assistance from assembly libraries. This was released jointly by Kevin for both z80 Revelation and Epic Programming Studios which he was also a member of.

Group Staff

Some of the members of z80 Revelation were members or later became members of other programming groups including NanoWar (Revolution Software) and Kevin Ouellet (Omnimaga, Epic Programming Studios).

  • John Lloyd-Kirk (lloydkirk1989) — founder
  • NanoWar
  • Shadow Phoenix
  • nepmarauder
  • dragon_lance
  • FrostFusion
  • Spengo
  • Kevin Ouellet

Site URLs

  • http://tifreaks.8.forumer.com
  • http://www.z80revelation.astahost.com
  • http://www.z80revelation.darwin-mach.net

Group History

Z80 Revelation was founded in 2005 by John Lloyd-Kirk. Due to its name being similar to Revolution Software, the two programming groups often got confused for each other. The group was short-lived, however, and just disbanded due to nobody doing anything.